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We help you understand and treat your pet's unique behavior situation


Welcome to

Animal Behavior Clinic

of Portland, Oregon, USA


The Animal Behavior Clinic is a veterinary behavioral referral practice that has been in operation in Portland since 1997. It was the first practice in Oregon that combined the knowledge of multiple Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorists with general practitioners, certified trainers, and behavior consultants to provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatment plan support for dogs and cats exhibiting behavior concerns. Our veterinarians’ advanced training and certification – from Board Certification in Veterinary Behavior to Masters in Zoology – ensure that your dog or cat will receive the highest level of care and expertise.

Our veterinary behaviorists are committed to providing your family with the best solutions available for your pet’s behavioral challenges. They are uniquely trained to address behavioral problems, as well as underlying medical conditions that may either cause or contribute to inappropriate behavior, to ensure your pet is receiving well-rounded care.

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Our Treatment Process

Your pet is unique and so are your family dynamics. In order to provide the most comprehensive behavioral care, we start with your family story to construct a treatment plan to best fit your family and your pet. Each case is handled by our team of professionals to help you understand the root causes of your pets' behavior issues.

Before Your Initial Appointment

When you’re ready to schedule your pet’s first consultation, the first step is to fill out our history form. Some of the questions will help identify temperamental predispositions that may be contributing to the behavioral issues your pet is experiencing and may give insight into treatment options. Other questions are designed to ask about the scenarios in which your pet is having issues. Once that form is filled out, our office will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

During Your Initial Appointment

While meeting with your professional, we will develop a treatment plan that will set the stage for a successful future. With a combination of training, environmental management, nutrition, medications, and compassionate support, you will be provided with a blueprint for addressing your pet behavior conditions.

Rechecks and Follow Ups

Your pet’s response to the treatment plan will be dependent on your follow through and ongoing commitment. Our team is here to help ensure you have all the tools you need and someone to touch base with along the journey. Ongoing support via phone, email, and follow-up appointments will be recommended and provided as needed for your pet’s unique patterns and needs.