Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB

What is a Board Certified
Veterinary Behaviorist?

The Animal Behavior Clinic, LLC is a veterinary behavioral referral practice that has been in operation in Portland since 1997. It is the only behavioral practice in the Pacific NW that offers behavior assessment with a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist. The advanced training and certification associated with Board Certified status ensures that your dog or cat will receive the highest level of care and expertise. Dr. Pachel is committed to providing your family with the best solutions for your pet’s behavioral challenges. He is uniquely trained to address behavioral problems, as well as underlying medical conditions, that may either cause or contribute to an inappropriate behavior.
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At the Animal Behavior Clinic we address:
  • Separation Anxiety
  • House Soiling
  • Fear Issues
  • Excessive Vocalization
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Noise Phobias
  • Attention Seeking
  • Unruly Behavior
  • Aggression to People or Animals
  • Urine Marking
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Inappropriate Scratching by Cats
  • More Services