• We were struggling to resolve food and resource guarding issues with our one-year-old Golden Retriever pup, Abbee. We were at a total loss and concerned about our future with Abbee. Our vet referred us to Dr. Christopher Pachel. Dr. Chris changed our thinking and saved our relationship with Abbee. He showed us that Abbee was in fact lacking confidence, not exhibiting dominant behavior, and taught us to assume a respectful directive role which gave Abbee the guidance she craved and confidence that we would lead her firmly but gently when she was unsure. Dr. Pachel is dedicated, responsive, caring, professional and honest in setting expectations. He understands the family dynamic. After our initial session and recheck, we worked with him primarily through email, providing updates and asking questions to which he would reply with guidance, fine-tuning and encouragement. He was with us every step of the way.

    Stan G.