• Clicker training actually went very well, very smoothly. StevieJoeyLeo was awesome and caught on pretty quickly, I thought. It was so amazing, awesome, incredible to see it happen! [...] A couple of weekends ago I had let everyone loose in the house and of course was watching SJL like a hawk. He "spotted" Zach laying in an adjoining room (I still can't figure out how he knows) and began his stalking approach. Zach went on alert, but didn't move, bless him. SJL kept getting closer and closer and lower to the floor. I almost couldn't stand it and was just about to swoop in and redirect him when he half stood back up, and made a 90 degree turn. I know Dr. Pachel said this would eventually happen, but I just couldn't believe it!! BIG CLICK, BEST TREAT EVER to StevieJoeyLeo! [...] Thank you for the plan, the encouragement, the simple knowledge that you were both out there to help me if things did not go well. Thank you for restoring my sanity and some basic peace in the house.

    Pat H.