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Should Your Dog Go to the Dog Park?

Despite their name, “Dog Parks” aren’t always the best environment for all dogs. As Dr. Ellen M. Lindell writes in a new blog post for Psychology Today, a dog’s individual personality may not mesh with the high-energy, multi-dog play that dog parks … Read more

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To Pet or Not to Pet, that IS the question!

To Pet or Not to Pet, that IS the question! I have three hairless dogs so it’s inevitable that while I am out and about, someone is going to want to pet them. Although two of my dogs welcome, and … Read more

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What My Pets Want You to Know About Holiday Pictures

The holiday pet photo has become a tradition for a great many families.  The set ups range from the simple elf hat, to the more elaborate costumes, Christmas scene, and a real live Santa Claus.  Although some animals are calm about … Read more

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