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Corneliuz Chronicles: Meet Dr. Pachel’s Pup

Meet Corneliuz.  Who could resist that face, right?  Right.  I’m pretty sure that was the intention when these pictures landed in my inbox just over one year ago.  “Bull terrier / rat terrier puppy in need of home.  Isn’t he … Read more

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It’s All Fun and Games…

September marks the time of year when the kids go back to school, summer ends, fall begins, and stores start to put out Christmas decorations (what?!).  It’s also the time of the year that I start thinking about what I’m … Read more

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Two Behaviorists Discuss Separation Anxiety

By now, you’ve seen us mention the College of Veterinary Behaviorists’ book Decoding Your Dog on more than one occasion, but its influence keeps growing. In a new interview featured on on Good News For Pets, Dr. Karen Overall and Dr. E’Lise Christensen … Read more

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