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How do YOU get rid of weeds?

The Clicker Expo was in town this past weekend, and I had the great fortune to sit in the audience and listen to several lectures by the brilliant Kathy Sdao (, an associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist from the Tacoma, … Read more

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The Importance of “How” to Teach Your Dog

Learning and emotional processing for dogs and humans is actually very similar – and learning can be a total body experience for many dogs, with many factors influencing the way a dog responds to direction, just as it does for … Read more

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It Makes No Sense to Punish a Fearful Dog

While the strategies or practice of using punishment in animal training are contentious, behaviorists agree that in many situations punishment can unequivocally make problem behaviors worse. Particularly in fearful or anxious dogs, the distinction between an animal’s actions being voluntary versus involuntary is … Read more

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