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Lending a Helping Paw

Do you need something to do on the weekends?  Are you bored now that the kids are off to college?  Need a new walking buddy?  Maybe volunteering is for you.  Although there are many, many reasons to volunteer, the main … Read more

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Managing Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Sudden changes in a pet’s behavior should never be ignored. In the Oregonian’s latest Pet Talk column, Monique Balas interviews Dr. Pachel as well as board certified veterinary neurologist Dr. Robert Kroll to discuss how early diagnosis and intervention for behavioral … Read more

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Avoiding Back-to-School Blues

School’s back in session! Just as your human children may be dragging their heels over their return to school after a summer of fun and leisure, your furry kids may be experiencing withdrawals, too. Our pet companions can suffer an … Read more

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