• My work with Shams has been a daily practice and much like my yoga and meditation it has made me go into myself in order to more deeply understand my reactions and a little more about how the human psyche works. I do want to give a little plug to my husband Carl who has also had to learn many of the lessons, to the dog trainers that we have worked with and especially to Dr. Chris Pachel of the Animal Behavior Clinic, who was able to see the good in me even as I struggled with this very challenging dog. He responded to my frustrations with compassion and care as well as some really needed advice to give up my obstinate resistance to medication and give Shams the meds that finally helped to reorganize his brain enough that he could start learning again. Shams is able to participate in training now that his brain is calmer. [...] He still is a little bit of a pain ;) but he is directable and responsive and even more loving, trusting and just [darn] cute.

    Leslie E.