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Cats Scared by Cucumbers

The experts speak out on the latest internet viral “phenomenon” – household cats being startled by cucumbers. Several viral videos have made their waves on social media over the past week depicting the reactions of pet cats to the placement … Read more

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Canine PTSD: how the US military’s use of dogs affects their mental wellbeing

For Veteran’s Day this year, columnist Ellen Brait of The Guardian took on the subject of military service dogs and how trauma affects the mental landscape of working canines. She interviewed Dr. Pachel for his take on Canine PTSD, and … Read more

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Disaster Drills for Canine Catastrophes

Living with a reactive or aggressive dog can often feel like you’re on the edge of a catastrophe each time you walk out your door.  One moment its calm skies and smooth sailing, the next you’re in the middle of … Read more

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