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Happy Pills: Introducing the Zylkene Supplement

When something is “off” with our pets, we always hope for a rapid solution that is as easy as giving a magic pill to make them better. The truth is, veterinary medicine has proven that there are situations where medication … Read more

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Difficult Pet Support Group

Local pet advocates Enid Traisman and Rachel Bow have put together Portland’s first Difficult Pet Support Group, which we are very happy to hear is finally getting off the ground. We understand how frustrating and exhausting it can be as the … Read more

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Is “Calm Submissive” Really A State of Calm?

It is easy to say that a barking dog is “reactive” or “excited” and that a quiet dog is “calm” or “relaxed,” but do these words really work to describe the emotional state occurring in a dog exhibiting those behaviors? In her … Read more

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